Margarita Popsicles

Buried in my rant about Colt 45 Blast I made the assertion that I could find 50 things in the liquor store as awful with just as much alcohol. While Shark Bite Margaritas aren't quite as alcoholic and actually sound kinda tasty, they are even more kids oriented than Blast (which I don't really think is aimed at kids).

In case you don't know, and odds are you didn't, Shark Bite Margaritas are little tubes o' margarita similar to Flavor Ice, that crap you can buy 10/$1. Like Flavor Ice, Shark Bite Margaritas are meant to be frozen and eaten like a popsicle. That's right, it's an actual alcopop. If Snoop Dogg was their spokesman, Shark Bite would be illegal shortly after the announcement. But, since Shark Bite Margaritas are kinda aimed at the boating crowd and woo girls, no one really cares. And, don't get me wrong, they shouldn't.

Shark Bite Margaritas only contain about 6.7% alcohol but I'll bet it's a hella lot easier to eat 24 oz. of yummy margarita than it would be to choke down a Blueberry Pomegranate Blast. Shark Bite also has the benefit of masking the alcohol by being in popsicle form. Who's going to think twice about having a 4th popsicle?

Again, I don't think there's anything that should be illegal about Shark Bite Margaritas. They seem kind of useful and may even taste good. But, it sure does seem to me that a story could be told that they are just as dangerous and irresponsible as Blast or Four Loko. It's not at all dangerous and irresponsible, it's up to the drinker to be responsible anyway. But, you'd have a tough time convincing me that a popsicle isn't more kid oriented than a bright colored can filled with a crappy fruit concoction.

Because I picked on Shark Bite a little bit, let me sell you a little bit on it as well. Shark Bite Margaritas are a local company (at least they have a 913 phone number) and founded by a Kansan. They are made with all fresh ingredients, the lime juice is freshly squeezed, the orange liquer comes from Paula's Orange Liquer of Austin, TX. I've not had a tube of Shark Bite, but the more I read about it after seeing it at Tipsy's, I believe it's a quality product if you're in the market for frozen margaritas. It's only about $1.59/tube or $15/box of 10 tubes. Future flavors of Shark Bite include Hard Lemonade, Strawberry Margarita, rum drinks and vodka drinks.

If I can offer a word of advice to the Shark Bite Margarita people, if you get big enough for a celebrity spokesperson, go for Tony Danza and not Snoop Dogg.

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