Friday, January 28, 2011

Firestone Walker

As most of you have probably already heard by now, Firestone Walker's beer will be reaching Missouri's shores last November ... around New Years ... this February! FW is currently wrapping up their launch in Chicago and are looking to have their beer in the hands of Kansas Citians around the first or second week of February. It sounds like there will be two phases to the Firestone Walker release, the first will be the arrival of FW bombers & kegs and the second will be the arrival of FW's Nectar Ale brand in the form of six packs. Missouri is slated to receive Walker's Reserve Robust Porter, Double Jack, 14th Anniversary, Abacus, Parabola, Red Nectar (2010 GABF Gold), Nectar IPA (2010 GABF Silver) and Hemp Ale.

I recently procured a bottle of Firestone Walker Double Jack from @fancypantsbeer and decided to open it in commemoration of my 300th beer review and to preview the beer for anyone who is curious what an $8 bomber of beer from Paso Robles would be like.

The Double Jack is a Double IPA, a bigger dry hopped version of their Union Jack IPA. As someone who isn't crazy about IPAs, I really like the Union Jack. I tend to like Double IPAs a lot more than regular IPAs because they're usually much more malty. Double Jack has a big grapefruit and honey hop flavor that is complemented by loads of Munich malt, giving the Double Jack a citrus sweet, buttery and almost caramel flavor.

This beer reminded me a lot of Great Divide's 15th Anniversary IPA, Schlafly Export IPA and Dogfish 90 Minute. All of these beers have a great hop-to-malt ratio that I really enjoyed. Loads of malt to cover the bitterness of your hops, while still letting all the resin and citrus flavors through.

Double Jack is a great Double IPA that I'm looking forward to trying on tap, hopefully in the near future.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did receive this bottle of Double Jack from a brewery representative but it did not influence my review of the beer.


  1. Nice review.

    I now have a good reason to do some research on Firestone's history. Their brands seem to have appeared out of nowhere and have received glowing reviews from all corners.

  2. Are they going to have a roll-out party like they did at several bars/restaurants in Chicago?

  3. good call Paul. I enjoyed a Union Jack in Rancho Mirage back in December. It is a very good IPA.

  4. Firestone Walker has received accolades for quite a few years--named GABF Brewery of the Year TWICE (first in 2003, 2nd in 2007); World Beer Cup Champions thrice! I'll look forward to enjoying their beers here!

  5. Had a couple of these Wednesday night at the Foundry. Great beer. Ranks with Hopslam and Double Trouble.

  6. The Double Jack is my favorite beer right now. I cannot get enough of it. Thankfully my local BevMo which is just down the street sells it. Little pricey at $8 a bottle, but can't argue with the flavor. Love that stuff!