Monday, September 20, 2010

Firestone Walker coming to town

Our pal over at StL Hops is reporting that Firestone Walker Brewery is soon to be available in St. Louis. Leave it to someone from St. Louis to not care whether it will be available statewide in Missouri. It will. Firestone Walker will also be available in Kansas (though, to be fair to StL Hops, I'm not sure of distribution in Hays, Liberal or Garden City). We still have to wait a couple of months until November, but we'll have the following beers available for Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Nectar IPA (12oz year-round, 2010 GABF Silver Medal Winner)
  • Red Nectar (12oz year-round, 2010 GABF Gold Medal Winner)
  • Nectar Hemp Ale (12oz year-round)
  • Double Jack (22oz year-round)
  • Walker’s Reserve (22oz year-round)
  • Abacus (seasonal)
  • Parabola (seasonal)
  • Anniversary 14 (seasonal)
A couple of medal winners from this past weekends Great American Beer Festival. Firestone Walker is also the brewer of Trader Joe's house brands of beer which should arrive at Ward Parkway Center next summer. The KC Beer Blog will be celebrating Firestone Walker's arrival with poutine.


  1. The "five-year olds" are referring to it as "nuckles" these days according to my son.

  2. Anonymous "J"

    What about Union Jack and Double Barrel Ale (those are the two I hear about the most)

  3. You won't be seeing Union Jack and the other year round sixers because, supposedly, Firestone Walker can't keep up with demand as it is.

    The Nectar ales are brewed at another site, part of an acquisition. The reserve beers are more readily available I guess... I didn't get an clarification on those.

    Not complaining though, I couldn't really care less about more six packs. I really want FW 14 and Parabola.