Bar Hopping in North JoCo

It seems that JJSKCK has run into the same issue as Stella and I have on occasion, where to drink near our house. JJS mad a list of all the bars he's gone within 10 minutes drive from his house and rated them based on 5 criteria; ambience, clientele, location, service and beer selection. He rated them on a 5 point scale on each of the criteria, added them up and got a total. Since he lives relatively close to la manse du Vard it is an extremely useful list. His winner was Waxy O'Sheas (11900 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Shawnee) with Birdie's coming in second. I've been known to grab a pint or two at Birdie's and they do quite the business on Friday and Saturday nights. I was surprised to learn that Waxy's won the JJS seal of approval as I have never even considered going there. JJS did a great job, though I think he rated Maloney's a little too low but many of my extra points would go towards location since it's quite close to me. Anyway, if you live in North Johnson County, JJS' list might cause you to seek out a new place for a beer. For more bars in North JoCo you can consult the 87th Street Bar and Bike wrapup. And for a completely unrelated post, but interesting for the neighborhood, check out Meesha's post about the Merriam land grab and empty shopping center.

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