Wake Up and Smell the Beer

I have a new pet peeve. This week I've called several liquor stores to see if they had their BBQ or Tank 7 order in. A pattern emerged amongst all of the liquor stores I called, they had no idea what I was talking about with the exception of Tipsy's who knew they had the BBQ on Monday afternoon. None of the stores knew anything about Tank 7, one guy even asked me if it was the same thing as the BBQ.

This is a problem. I wasn't calling about obscure products from an obscure company. Boulevard is the hometown brewer, I think, at the very least, liquor store employees should be able to speak intelligently about Boulevard products' availability. Instead, every beer geek in town is introduced to a liquor store's apathy towards having educated employees. How hard is it to make sure your employees know what Boulevard products are in the pipeline? I really understand if they don't know anything about the newest Bear Republic or Goose Island products, but to not know the Boulevard lineup is kinda inexcusable. At the very least they should know when their Boulevard delivery is coming.

Liquor stores be warned, I'm going to start calling stores out by name when I'm not satisfied with the employee's knowledge of products. I'll spread around my phone calls, but Gomer's of Lenexa and Tipsy's in Mission should be prepared because I almost always call them because I'm most likely to buy from those 2 stores (both stores are usually pretty good on the phone).

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