The Caldera Curse

Last Friday I wrote a post claiming that my drinking Caldera IPA was responsible for the Royals 6 game winning streak. I then put KC on notice that I was out of Caldera IPA and was not going to buy any more. The Royals have now lost 6 straight games. Coincidence? I think not. It is fairly obvious that in order for the Royals to win again, some Caldera IPA needs to touch my lips. So who's buying?

On a related Royals note, one of our dear readers, Brad Dunn, is such a Royals fan that he makes kegerators and paints them with Royals colors and logos. He has one available for sale for around 600 bones. It has room for 3 kegs but only has one tap installed. If you've been wanting a kegerator and love the Royals, you could do a lot worse. If you are interested email Brad at

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