Winning: A Beer Story

Last Friday night I left work a little early to go over to Gomer's Midtown to see if any new beers are available. I was hoping to pick up some Boulevard Two Jokers, but it's still not out yet (maybe next week). I looked around for awhile and decided on a six pack of Caldera IPA in cans.

That night I drank one of my Surly Furiouses and finished off my Lagunitas IPA's. The next day the grandparents de Vard came to town to babysit the kids while Stella and I went to The Killers concert. After they took the kids to dinner I cracked open the first of the Caldera IPA's.

I poured it into my pint glass and noticed the hop smell immediately. I even picked up a bit of a grapefruit smell. The beer was a coppery color. It had quite a bitter flavor at the beginning but mellowed on the way down and was quite refreshing. I really enjoyed my first can of Caldera IPA.

I had one Caldera IPA each night for the next 5 nights. On Sunday night I even drank one from the can after I had mowed the lawn. The can even spent 5 minutes in the shower with me (nothing untoward was done, it's a can not a bottle). I enjoyed every one of my 6 Caldera IPA's.

Now here's the thing, I'm out of Caldera IPA. It's $14.99 a six pack. I like it and all but I'm not going to spend another $14.99 on it. I just don't think it is THAT good. But here's the other thing, the Royals are 6-0 on days where I drink a Caldera IPA. At this point, I'm taking full responsibility for the winning streak. I don't much care to keep the winning streak going, I'm a Cubs and Indians fan, but you might. And since I like you I'm willing to continue to drink Caldera IPA's as long as you buy them.

If I don't drink one today (and I don't plan on it), I don't think the Royals can win tonight's game (Meche v. Palmer). If the Royals lose I don't believe anyone would much care, it's a long season and all. BUT, if I don't drink a Caldera IPA on Saturday when Greinke pitches, a historic undefeated season will go by the wayside. Can you live with that? Personally, I'd like to see someone go 32-0. But I don't want to see it enough to spend another $14.99 for 6 beers, I only care enough to take the time to drink the beers.

I'm giving you the opportunity to keep the winning streak alive. You can comment on this post your plan to buy me some Caldera IPA or you can email me at Remember the Royals' and Greinke's winning streaks are in your hands.

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