Bargain Bin Beer

I never got around to writing about how much I liked the Southampton Altbier, it just got a mention in another post about Boulevard (I'm really not a shill). But, I had the altbier at the Flying Saucer one night and really liked it. Then I found it in sixers at Gomer's midtown and bought it a couple of times. I liked it as an everyday type beer but it fell out of the rotation for one reason or another and I never got around to writing about it.

The past couple of times I've been to Tipsy's, I've noticed that they had sixers of the Southampton Altbier in the bargain cart along with such unpopular beers as the Schlafly Christmas Ale and the Pyramid Snow Cap Ale. The best thing about the bargain bin is that these beers are $5.99 a sixer. A better deal cannot be had for a pretty good beer. It's only marked down because it got lost in all the selection and no one's ever heard of Southampton brewery. Let me tell you, pick some up and see if you enjoy it. I think you will.

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