BBQ Review

Well well well, it appears that someone beat me to a Bourbon Barrel Quad review. Now what's interesting about this review is that I know Muddy Mo must have been pretty lit up while writing it. Why's that, you ask. Because Muddy Mo and I had a couple of beers last night at the Flying Saucer(where I had a couple wonderful Southampton Altbiers, a really good winter seasonal. Because we discussed New Belgium's Frambozen, Muddy Mo decided to go to Bubbles last night where he stumbled upon the BBQ.

Whereas, I, who was pretty tired from a rough week of work and a couple of beers, went home like a good soldier and skipped a liquor store run which would have netted me the same prize as Muddy Mo. You'll notice that he makes no mention of me in his review, even though he has me to thank for his bounty. Oh well. Read his review and stay tuned because I will be writing one this week once I get may hands on some BBQ.

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