Election Night Drinks

Flying Dog Blog has some suggestions for what to drink on election night.
* If you think your candidate or political party is getting screwed, drink some Doggie-style Classic Pale Ale.
* Maybe you’ve been Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail? If so, Gonzo Imperial Porter is the beer for you.

* Feeling bitter about the election? Your sorrows will love Double Dog Pale Ale or Snake Dog IPA.

* Does the political process arouse you? Well if so, you’re a bit of a sicko. And you should try some Horn Dog Barley Wine.

* Think this country is going to Hell in a Hand-basket with our newly elected leaders? You’ll need a dog to guard your gates in Hell, so grab some Kerberos Tripel.

* Just want celebrate your right to vote? No better to do that with than our Road Dog Porter. After all, it is that beer that fought the Government all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court for the right to freedom of speech…and won.

* Celebrating your candidate’s big win? Then pretty much anything will taste good, but we’ll recommend Old Scratch Amber Lager, since it’s won a bunch awards itself.

I plan on never having the Doggie-Style Classic Pale Ale again, but the Gonzo Imperial Porter is a fine choice.

As for me, if I'm not heckling enthusiastic people at an election night watch party, I'll be drinking a Boulevard Saison-Brett.

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