Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Disappointments, One Evening

I sat down to watch our President deliver the State of the Union address tonight. Of course, our President is my first disappointment this evening. Then I cracked open a Flying Dog Pale Ale that I picked up today in a Flying Dog variety pack. For some reason, I've always avoided Flying Dog beers. It has always seemed to me that they were relying on cutesy labels instead of focusing on the beer. It's true that I do sometimes pick out a beer based on the label, yet I've ALWAYS avoided the Flying Dog beers. It turns out my first instinct was right, Malcolm Gladwell would be proud, Flying Dog was my Blink moment and the second disappointment in the evening. This beer SUCKS! It's almost undrinkable. I'm adding it to my list which I guess we'll call "Bull Droppings". Flying Dog Pale Ale will join Hamms and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat on the "Bull Droppings" list.


  1. I've had Flying Dogs that were good, although it's been a while and my memory is failing me. It seem to remember being impressed with the Dogtoberfest and the IPA.

  2. The amber and IPA are alright. In fact, I may even call the amber pretty good. But the Pale Ale sucks and I have much better choices available to me.

  3. Get over to the Missouri side and pick up the Double IPA or Gonzo Porter. They might change your mind about Flying Dog. Their IPA and the other standard offerings are pretty ordinary IMO.

  4. "But the Pale Ale sucks and I have much better choices available to me."

    Well yes, if you live in the hometown of Boulevard, you have an excellent option for a pale ale!

  5. Never had any Flying Dog, so I can't hove an educated opinion on it.

    On the other hand, I can't believe you dissed Hamms... Some things should be able to go without saying, despite the fact that I used to tell Hamms Bear bedtime stories to my little brother.

    N }:-

  6. Well, perhaps we can make it up to you. Email me at joshm [at] flyingdogales [dot] com and we'll try to ship you out a few beers you might enjoy!

    And by the way, I like your "dip my balls in it" on your blogger profile. Not enough people appreciate "The State" any more.

    Flying Dog Brewery

  7. SA Cherry Wheat is disgusting. I try to stay open to fruit beers for a change of pace but that beer almost ruined it for me.

  8. I already don't care much for light wheats; putting "cherry" in front of it guarantees I won't try it.

    But that's not as bad as when Dr. Pepper (blech!) came out with Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. My wife saw the ad and said, "Wow, any of those four things individually would be nasty, but put them all together in one drink?"