Lakefront Brewery in Kansas

On my weekly Batson's run the other day I noticed that they had some beer from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee. Now if you knew me, you would know I'm a big Wisconsin nut. I've loved the Packers and Brewers since I was a wee boy. One of my best friends in college was from Wisconsin (he went to WSU to try to get on the nationally ranked bowling team, though I never saw him bowl) and he taught me all the wonders of Wisconsin*.

*Included in the Wisconsin knowledge I learned the wonderfully useful term, "FIB" (F***ing Illinois Bastard). When I first moved up here I used this term to perfection watching a Packer game at Coach's (which is THE place to watch Packer games in KC). I called some Bear fan a FIB leading to a very nice conversation and evening with a very good looking Wisconsin girl. Everything fell apart later in the evening when she realized I wasn't actually from Wisconsin, but she really thought I was after I called the guy a "FIB" and said I was from Neenah.

As part of my fascination with Wisconsin, I tend to watch shows about Milwaukee (you know, Milwaukee is the only town in the US to elect 2 Socialist mayors which is more of a bug than a feature, but true nonetheless) to gain some evidence that Milwaukee is a viable vacation spot for Stella and I. So I watched the episode of "Beer Nutz"* where they went to Milwaukee and went to the Lakefront Brewery. It looked like a great place and I kind of wished that I could try me some of their beers. So now's my chance, but did I make the plunge and buy the variety 12 pack of Lakefront brews they were selling at Batson's? No, I didn't, I was buying the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye (which was great, thanks for asking), but I plan on buying the 12 pack next week.

*I'm going to ruin my shot at getting on the "Beer Nutz" KC show but does anyone else watch this show? For a show about beer and hosted by Canadians, it really kind of blows. It's boring overall and they don't really offer any kind of knowledge to actual beer nerds. I guess I'm not the target market for this show, but I would think that they would try to make the show enjoyable for those that, you know, love beer. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's kind of a boring show, I guess that's why it got cancelled.

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