Bear Republic Now Available

I'm pretty excited that Bear Republic brews are now available in town. I noticed them in Batson's the other day, but I know that they're available in Missouri also. The only thing that is marginally upsetting is they are only selling the bombers or 22 oz. bottles and not sixers.

I'm most excited about the Hop Rod Rye Ale. I'm a huge fan of rye beers and not many breweries actually produce one, so now I have one at my disposal at all times. The other that I'm excited about is the Racer 5 India Pale Ale. I saw this one everywhere when we were in San Francisco last week but because I was sick, the thought of hops made me nauseous (worst sickness ever, also on the list of nauseous flavors; garlic and red meat which sucked because of my proximity to In'N'Out burger and the garlic capital of the world). So I didn't get a Racer which I suppose is good because I can drink it whenever I want now.

Look for Bear Republic brews at your local friendly liquor store. Try a couple out and let us know what you think.

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