Studio Closed for Now

I found this bulletin on MySpace written by Ron from The Studio.
Until we get an influx of money we are closed and all shows are canceled up to mid August. Nothing wrong happened as was rumored, we just could not keep up with the bills. The Power and Light bars and smoking ban bullshit really hurt us. (thanks assholes) I think the two are related in a corporate/gov. scandal to push out the small guys. 5 locally owned downtown bars just closed down.

Boycott the out of town owned P+L yuppie shitbags!!!!!!

We hope to open back up with big shows on the 15th and 16th of August. Thanks to all the bands who rocked the house and brought fans to drink and party. We love the KC music scene and hope to be part of it again soon.

In the mean time go see a show and support your local bands and music venues! See you at the Riot Room! Rock and Roll! Ron

PS. We need investors/renters to help us get the other 3 floors of our building up and running.

It's nice to see them go out fighting with the Power & Light district and smoking ban. It kind of reads like Ron might have been drinking a little of the inventory when he wrote it. Well, I don't blame them one bit, I'd be bitter too.

I guess we'll chalk this one up to both the P&L and the smoking ban. It's not surprising at all and I wish them the best.

BTW, I would have used "s***bird" instead of "s***bags" because the Marlboro Man used the word "s***bird" after Harley Davidson shot him. It would have been a little more poetic.

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