Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Studio in Trouble

First, Tanner's downtown is closing next month. It's been covered elsewhere and they're not blaming the Power and Light district. I agree with them mostly, service was usually pretty bad and business was never really brisk. Today I find out that The Studio Restaurant and Bar is going to stop serving breakfast and lunch. I didn't even know they served breakfast and I don't know anyone who ever ate lunch there. I have always been afraid to eat there because I've seen numerous episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" and The Studio reminds me of a place in need of Gordon Ramsey. Although, I must say, their menu looked fine and I had contemplated eating there for lunch.

I know that The Studio has pretty good karaoke nights and some concerts, but I've never heard of any of the bands they book (but I'm NOT an expert on music bookings). I've never enjoyed my time in the place but I have always appreciated that they were over there (how many times am I going to use the word "there" in this post, I'm making myself sick). I don't think they'll be open much longer so try and hit it up, rock some Oke and give them some business. It won't be long before you can't get any local flavor in downtown KC. Bring on the Friday's!


  1. I called Seven and the City Tavern to confirm that they have stopped serving lunch, too. I'm now keeping a death watch to keep track of these closings now. I don't know what is going to do. I guess he'll just have to cover Gordon Biersch every day.

  2. The P&L might be partly to blame, but that's because some of these places were sub-standard to begin with. They were hanging on because they had little competition before P&L opened.

    The Studio is a great example. I really tried to like that place, but it's just never quite jelled. They seem to be trying every random concept under the sun in order to see what might work.

    They have started and stopped breakfast a few times now. I didn't even know they were serving breakfast again until I read that they were stopping it.

  3. I went in there for a concert the other night. I know one of the guys in one of the bands and he had heard they were only open for concerts these days. He also said it's a shame if they don't make it because the owner and sound guy are fantastic.

    On the other hand. Everybody's tap beer appeared to be on the flat side, and the bartender was a real jerk to one of my girl friends. I'm trying Studio, I really am, but this seems like a one sided relationship.