McFadden's Sports Saloon

One of my personal favorite KC bloggers recently had a night out at McFadden's Sports Saloon in the Power & Light district. The review; not very favorable. I was disconcerted to hear that the staff was dressed up in 80's gear. The service was terrible, granted it was a busy Saturday night, but an hour wait for chicken fingers seems a bit much. I'm not sure what kind of 37 year old guy still orders chicken fingers at a bar, but I digress. I've also heard reports of bland $8 hamburgers.

The money line in D's review is:
There is nothing really special about it, if there was I missed it.

If they're charging $4 for a 10 oz Coors Light, the "special" ought to be right there for all to see. But, for some, free shots while sitting at the bar might be a nice draw as well as the to go cup concept I touched upon here but "D" expands (forgive the spelling).
Apparently, at least this is what I have heard, is that they (the owners of these bars in the P&L District) are getting some kind of special liquor license to be able to let people walk around outside with beers and or alcohol in sort of “to go cups” (If you’ve been to the French Quarter in New Orleans you know what I’m talking about.) You can’t just leave with a glass of Long Island Ice Tea, you just have too ask for a to go cup, whether that is a plastic or what ever type of cup is up the establishment. You currently can’t do that anywhere in Kansas City, which is galacticlly stupid if you ask me. But you certainly wouldn’t be able to bring said beverage into another bar. Would you?
I'm totally stoked about this little break in the liquor laws. They have this law in Memphis and Savannah (I think) and I'm pretty sure those cities are the better for it. Plus, when the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium opens up on the KC Live block, cool kids like me can go buy cool bottled beers like Karlovacko and carry them around to all the other bars. Being not dependent on the taps at McFaddens, I believe, will be a good thing.

Read D's whole review here. The picture is the D's back tattoo.

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