Top Ten Reasons to attend Free State Brewery's Owd Mac's Imperial Stout Release Party

Top Ten (or so) Reasons to attend Free State Brewery's Owd Mac's Imperial Stout

On June 9th, 2018 from 11:00am -2:00pm Free State Brewery will be having a release party for Owd Mac's Imperial Stout at their production facility located at 1923 Moodie Road Lawrence, KS 66047.

Below is my ranking of reasons that you should attend this release.

12.1% ABV
11. I will be there...
10. My wife will be there (there should be wider gap between 11 and 10).
9. Did I catch a niner in there? Owd Mac's started in 1999 and is rich with coffee flavors and aromas, caramel, and bitterness that adds a nice balance. 
8. Food options from Free State Chef Jimi Martin and Bon Bon will be on hand.
7. Old number 7. It is of course aged in whiskey barrels that give it vanilla, bourbon whiskey, port wine, and fig flavors.
6. The number of bottles you are limited to purchase. Six means that you can cellar a couple.
5. As in 50% off your beer purchases at Free State Brewery if you purchase and wear one of their Owd Mac's T-shirts ($20).
4. Other free state beer will be offered at the release. Including Barrel-Aged Stingo 2015 and Lateral Roots 2017.
3. This is a beer 3 years in the making and will be available in 375ml bottles.
2. Meet and enjoy beer with other beer enthusiasts. 
1. FREE STATE BEER "Because without beer, things do not seem to go as well"

Bonus: More June 9th fun at Blue Jacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery located at 1969 N 1250th Rd, Eudora. Highlights include $10 bottles of Panape Rose from 12pm - 6pm to celebrate Rose Day. That is where the after party will be.

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