Sprint Center Open House

I made it over to the great big Sprint Center open house today. It's amazing how all the streets were opened up today. I wonder if that's a coincidence? Anyway, the arena was pretty impressive. Being a fairly tall dude, I would like a little more leg room in the seats, but the sight lines were pretty good. The seats were nice and comfortable, nothing spectacular (though the ones in the club section were really nice), but better than the K.

The concession stands are carrying the 3 big beer light brands; Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite. I was a bit worried that I would have to sip on light beer while watching NHL hockey. Luckily, neither of those things will come true since I found a couple of niche concessions with a Boulevard tap. These niche spots had room for 3 more tap handles, but they weren't screwed on yet. I guess pouring rights are still up for grabs, maybe it depends on the event, who knows, just so I don't have to drink light beer.

My work compadre and I got thrown out of the club level. We made our way into one of the suites, Ste. 35 to be exact, as I was snapping shots with my camera phone, 1/5-0th (security, I'm coining that term right now) told us the boxes were off limits. He tried to tell us the doors were locked, we said they weren't and he responded that they should have been and we should have known. Hang a sign Sprint Center dudes! I don't think it's going to be too hard to pull one over on these "security professionals".

On the main concourse were several bar type areas, one called the Metro Sports Zone (a ripoff of a ripoff), one without a name that I could find and a UMB lounge which overlooks Willie's. We also found this lounge underneath the main level of seating called the Founder's Lounge. This is where I want to be spending some time! The doors were locked and they weren't letting in any of the riff raff, I think security is a little tighter down there.

Overall, I walked away impressed, but not overly so. I know I'm going to arrive at the Sprint Center with my belly full because $7 for a hot dog covered in bbq brisket seems a bit pricey, let alone the $7 beers (light, never saw a price for Boulevard), $9 burgers and $5 Parmesan fries. If they wanted people to pay these prices, perhaps they should have set out some samples , I could have used a snack or two.

Update: For some more pictures of the Sprint Center, inside and out, check out Flickr.

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