Fred P. Ott's on the Plaza

Tucked neatly away, hidden in a small corner away from the hustle and bustle of the Plaza shops and restaurants, just across the street from the tennis courts, you'll discover Fred's--a truly secluded GEM of a pub! So secluded actually, it's practically off the Plaza and nearly leaning into Brush Creek. It's rarely crowded and is cleverly decorated; it's the perfect escape after a long day at the office, or morning scrubbin' the tub. And Fred's isn't the typical Plaza establishment either, with over-priced food and libations. It's unique in that it strays from the cliché of the typical glitz and glamor of the Plaza. You might even imagine yourself in an old, well-worn tavern somewhere in central London. It's definitely worth the visit--if only for the atmosphere!

Another reason to visit Fred's is for the service! Tonya (pronounced "tone-ya"), for example, is the best darned waitress this side of the Paseo. No, she's not a tall, red-headed Irish bartender, or any relation to Lois over at Paddy O'Quigley's, but she is however, quite possibly the most witty waitress warrior I've ever met--running handfuls of burgers and beers up and down Ott's rickety-looking staircase. Her humor is dry, and she may not always give you a straight answer, but she'll surely make you chuckle (and maybe even chortle if you're lucky, sending beer foaming from your nose) and you'll definitely enjoy her service-with-a-smile! When asked the completely random question of, "Where can one find posters of the Plaza?", she practically dropped her waitress tray to take us to the Plaza business office to see if they had any on hand. Talk about service! Definitely hard to come by these days! Needless to say, she got a nice tip! $$

Specials on draft beers and wells vary in price and run from 4-7 and from 11-close Monday through Friday. They also have select appetizers during those happy hours for $3.00.
So the next time you're on the Plaza, elbowing your way through elderly shoppers (like Magda from "There's Something About Mary"), get away from it all over at Fred's. Sneak off, and tell your significant other that you have some "special shopping to do." You'll enjoy the flying cherub hanging from the ceiling.

Oh, and be sure to tell Tonya hi!

(See the review for Fred P. Ott's, downtown)

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