Paddy O' Quigleys

Have you ever wanted Malcolm's mom Lois serve you a beer? Only this time it's Lois before she met Hal and had Francis, like Doc Brown came to pick you up, "Where we're going we don't need roads!" Now's your chance because she's manning the bar at Paddy O'Quigleys in the Crossroads (happy hour specials here). Lois the bartender does a fine job manning the bar and she gives great wing recommendations. Just don't tell her she looks like Lois because she doesn't think that's a compliment, not that we told her that or anything, come on, we have some tact.

The happy hours wings were very good, the breading may have been a little crispy but with the wing sauce everything worked out great. The hot wings are definitely spicy but not so hot you have to be careful when you go to the bathroom (get my drift guys).

Also the beers on tap are certainly, while not inspired, going to fill any beer drinkers need. They do have the Guinness troika on tap, plenty of room there for everyone. Harp, Smithwicks and Guinness make a nice 3 drink progression and is my preferred method of drinking absent a happy hour beer special. Also on tap is the wonderful Stella Artois. Perhaps the beer that is most fun to order, "Lois, get me Stella". How fun is that? And it comes in the nice Stella goblet, which is a great touch..

I would like to institute a rule that when a bar has more than 5 beers on tap it is not acceptable to order a bottled beer, especially a beer that is on tap, that is not a happy hour special. The next time I see someone drinking a Bud Light in a bottle (a crime in itself) when Bud Light is on tap, I think I shall tap my pint glass on the open bottlehead.

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