CHEAP BEER -- Fred P. Ott's (downtown)

Closing time at the downtown location of Fred P. Ott's depends upon if anyone's drinkin' or not... So, if you're there, then they're probably gonna be open. If not, they usually close around 8 or 9. Kitchen's open until 7 pm nightly. Enjoy!

Mondays (from 3-close) $1.25 Bud and Bud Light pints, 75-cent tacos
Wednesdays (3-close) $2.25 Bud and Bud Light bottles, 35-cent wings!
Thursdays (3-close) $2.75 Boulevard Wheat Pints

In 1894 when Thomas Edison was testing his new invention, The Motion Picture Camera, Edison's assistant, MR. OTT, known for his loud sneezes, became the first actor in the world's first movie titled, "RECORD OF A SNEEZE".

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