Beer Breakfast

I'm not much of one for a daytime beer and especially not a breakfast beer. But, since I started running in the mornings, it has crossed my mind to drink a beer to replenish myself. For some reason, probably the nutritional value, a nice malty beer sounds really wonderful as I take off my running shoes. And since I never eat breakfast  I always end up eating lunch around 11 because I can't wait any longer.

I worry that a breakfast beer will only make me tired for the rest of the day, I don't drink a beer with lunch for that reason, it just ruins an afternoon. But, if I were to make a breakfast beer a reality, which beer would be good for it?

The Wall Street Journal attempted to answer that question this weekend and comes up with a pretty good list and surprisingly 4 of the 5 they chose are available in town. Rogue Chipotle Ale, Left Hand Milk Stout, Hitachino Nest White Ale and Founders Breakfast Stout can all be had at your leisure (except Breakfast Stout which is a seasonal, Canadian Breakfast Stout might be ideal and it's being bottled this year to be available sometime in mid to late October) and the fifth, Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale could be available within a year or so.

I don't have much to disagree with on their list, but I could add, some Bully Porter, Bob's 47, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Great Divide Hoss and St. Bridget's Porter. All have relatively low alcohol and would be particularly good on one of those crisp 55 degree mornings after a good couple mile run. I don't think I'll ever pull the trigger on it, just sayin'.

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