The Cashew

We went out for a couple of drinks at the Cashew last night. A little confusion ensued, as I sat in the Cashew(check out the live cam), Wes sat at the Peanut, the phone call cleared up the fact that Wes had the wrong nut. The Peanut is more Converse and Levis, the Cashew is more Allen Edmonds and Ralph Lauren. I believe Wes spent more time parking at the lot across from the Cashew than he did drinking the beer he was sporting at the Peanut.

I started with a Schlafly Pale Ale on tap. I must say the tap pour was sub par, 2 glasses of foam were emptied before an acceptable beer was born. I don't know if this was a function of bad lines, little use or bad bar tending, but I was less than impressed with the skill level shown. The beer, however, was mighty fine indeed, as can be expected of the Schlafly Pale Ale.

As I sat down, I scanned the bar for signals of what kind of crowd we were dealing with. It was decidedly office workers after work, with only a single lady in the place, sitting alone. Pretty nice crowd was afoot for a Tuesday, it was also helped along by the KC Star folk who had rented out the party room on the second floor. Of all the people sitting in the bar only one dude had a beer bottle, Miller Lite, I checked the taps and Miller Lite was not a choice, so I can't question the guy's choice of a bottled beer. In fact, big beer was not present in the 6 or 7 taps. Schlafly, 3 Boulevard Brothers, including Bob's 47, Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Stella and Guinness. Nice! I'm not sure if this is really a good thing or not because Bud Light bottle drinkers can be less douchey.

When Wes showed up we each ordered a Bob's 47. I'm a bad beer blogger because I haven't had one of these in several years. I didn't really enjoy the last one I had and never came back for more. I'm happy to say I was wrong, Bob's 47 is a pretty good seasonal beer, it's no Goose Island Harvest Ale, but it's very good and a definite competitive advantage (I didn't waste my money on an MBA) for any bar that carries it on tap. Wes was already a fan of the Bob's, so he was pretty excited about Bob's on tap. He wasn't disappointed.

Wes decided to get some food and he went with the seven layer bean dip. It was pretty good, I love pepperoncini and cheese, Wes loved the black olives, beans and sour cream (does that cover all the layers, do you care?). It was a nice snack for me before I went home to eat real dinner (no, I'm not Homer Simpson).

I was curious whether the Stella Artois would come in the custom glass as it has in every other bar where I've ordered a Stella. So, it was easy to talk me into staying for one more. Apparently at the Cashew, they only use one type of glass and it is not the Stella goblet, I've become accustomed to. I would still like to be quality control for Stella Artois. Wes had the Schlafly Pale Ale and he got a much better pour than I did.

The Cashew is definitely the nut (I'd like to say Wes wrote that joke, but it's one hundred percent mine). It's really great when all the windows are opened up and you feel like you're sitting on the street, it's not that great when a 5-0 rolls by running red. I really enjoy the Cashew and have never really had a bad experience there. It's an ideal place for a larger group, but a small group is fine too. Check it out next time you're in the Crossroads.

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