Guido and Nommo

Did you notice it was Boulevard month in the P&L? Well, at least it was Boulevard month on the Live block, you could get $2 Boulevard draws on Friday nights. The culmination of Boulevard month is this Friday with some special beers on tap.  Boulevard Hoppy Wheat will be available for general consumption as well as Boulevard's newest Smokestack beer, Nommo Dubbel (pending whether it passes a QA test at Boulevard this week). Not so adventurous? You can still get Boulevard Wheat and Pale Ale for $2 and Tank 7 and Collaboration #2 will also be around on tap.

In addition to the special beers on tap, Boulevard's Alex Rodriguez, who was one of the forces behind the creation of Hoppy Wheat, will be around to answer questions, give tips and apologize for the third baseman with the same name. If you get there early enough you may still be able to get a sample card which will allow you to get a tasting glass (just like the Gents use), a tasting card and 4 free samples.

To my knowledge, this is the first public opportunity to taste Nommo Dubbel (not Test Dubbel or whatever else they've called it for the past year). Plus it's a pretty good opportunity to get your hands on some Hoppy Wheat or Collaboration #2 if you haven't tried those yet. It should be warm enough outside to enjoy yourself.

Next month will be Lagunitas month with the same deals including maybe some special brews at the end of the month event.

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