Live Draft Crafts

The Power and Light District aside from The Flying Saucer and Gordon-Biersch is pretty much a dead zone for the thinking person or the person who likes a good beer. While still not being a place to discuss Kirkegaard, Locke or Hume, you may be able to find a good beer now. Starting next Friday, the Live block beer garden will feature $2 drafts of crafts. Each month will feature a new brewery but they're kicking things off, rightly, with Boulevard.

As part of this special deal every Friday night from 4-8 you can request a sampling card which will allow you to come back to the Live block on the 4th Friday of the month for free samples, a tasting glass and a tasting notebook as well as talk to representatives from that month's brewery. Sampling cards are somewhat limited so you'll have to either get lucky or get there early.

It's nice to see a really good deal ($2 for a 16 oz. Boulevard Pale Ale is a really good deal) in a beer dead zone. It will seem like an even better deal when the crowd isn't filled with guys with tight shirts, backward hats and confused looks but instead filled with semi overweight middle aged guys and gals who can name a couple of Supreme Court justices and members of the Cabinet. It will be nice for us all to get a little sun.

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