Parabola Day

30 cases of the highly touted Firestone Walker Parabola are travelling around KC today to find their way behind the counters of KC's best liquor stores (Missouri side only so you won't have to deal with sneers from the Gomer's Lenexa crew). It's not enough to go around, but it's what we got. Parabola is probably the highest rated (if you follow such things) Russian Imperial Stout released in KC. I'm interested in seeing what all the hubbub is about, if Parabola is anywhere near as good as Abacus or 14 (which will be available at Hop Fest) then it will be worth the $15 or so that it will cost you. Whether it's worth the trouble of trying to secure a bottle this afternoon is up to you, but if you get one I don't think you'll be disappointed.

As always, leave a comment here where you found it, price and limits or use Twitter or OnTapKC or the KC Beer Blog Facebook page, something. Help out your fellow beer travelers, you'll already have a bottle, why not help others get one?

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