Firestone Walker Abacus is going to be available in KC again this week. A very limited amount of bottles will be hitting the best liquor stores on the Missouri side of the line. Give your favorite store a call and get your name on a list to get it because there's not much of it and it won't last long.

I had Abacus a while back at The Riot Room's cellar clearout and was amazed at how good it was. I shared a bottle with Gents KBS and McCoy and we nearly went to fisticuffs over the remaining drops left in the bottle after dividing it evenly. It was a little like dividing the bread in Anne Frank's loft, we found the Abacus that valuable. While I'm not normally a big barleywine drinker or barrel aged beer drinker, I make an exception for the best of them. Abacus is that. Abacus is what beer can be and others should aspire to be. I've had Firestone Walker 14 recently as well and Abacus is much more enjoyable.

Do what it takes to get you some, but please just take 1 and spread the love around.

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