Beer for the Weekend - Goose Island Sofie

The Cubs are in town this weekend and I'll be making a pilgrimage out to The K in full Cubs garb to see my favorite team. I'm not as big a fan of the Cubs as I have been in the past because I won't get that into a team with Jim Hendry employed as General Manager. Hendry is, in my mind, the worst General Manager in the game. I'm not even sure how he got there, he was manager of a Creighton team in 1991 that made it to the College World Series despite not winning a game against conference rival Wichita State, they were something like 0-13 against the Shockers that year and, of course, lost to the Shockers in the College World Series thanks to The Throw. Somehow he turned that into Major League employment and worked up the ranks to General Manager.

Oops, got off, Chicago, Chicago beers, Sofie. Yeah, that's where I was going. To get in the mood for the 3 game series, I'll be swilling some Sofie, the wonderful sour saison. Perfect for summer and being outside, Sofie is refreshing, funky and flavorful. Plus it has a little bit of an alcohol kick that makes watching 2 of the worst teams in baseball square off against each other a little more tolerable.

Sofie comes in 750 milliliter bottles and 4 packs of 12 oz. bottles. You can also find it on tap at some of your better beer bars in KC like The Foundry and Swagger. Goose Island Sofie is the beer for the weekend.

Oh and before you get mad at me about wearing Cubs gear to the game, my groom's cake in 2004 was shaped and designed as a ticket to the 2004 World Series pitting the Royals vs. the Cubs. Less than a week later the Royals started Eduardo Villacis in Yankee Stadium effectively giving up on the season. Plus, I've already received enough Cubs hate on this blog (click the link for my favorite blog comment ever).

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