Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chicago Cubs: 2007 N.L. Central Division Champions

It's 9 in the morning and I can't stop smiling. Turn it up and sing along, you know the words.
"Go Cubs Gooooo
Go Cubs gooo
Hey Kansas City
The Cubs are going to win today"

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  1. You have a blog, therefore you have the power to influence people. You could possibly make or break a new bar such as the Studio Bar. Your posts can be very objective and most impressive at times. Then you fall on your face. I think you need to do one of two things... (A) Start another blog. Or (B) Call this If I cared about the Cubs, I would have cut my nuts off and gone to a game with Steve Bartman (Mr. 2003 NLCS). I don't smoke and don't care about your stupid PSA's. I was at the Chiefs game, I saw KC wolf... not that big of a deal. He jumped on some guy. The guy wasn't even naked. He may have been drunk, which may have been the closest thing to reasoning for putting it on your blog. It still didn't warrant a post. Myself and I hope others, agree that about half of the writers on this blog seem to have a great objectivity and stick to the core competencies of this blog. Others deviate and go on tangents that are neither funny nor pertinent. I don't take this blog to seriously... I know it sounds like I do... but I think you have the makings of a great little blog that may have a big following at some point. Wes, keep up the good work. Bull... talk to you later.