Double Jack Harpo, All Star

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about bars maximizing their taps by putting good beer on them rather than the repetition of macro lager, macro lager, macro lager, hipster lager. I'm constantly amazed that nearly every bar doesn't carry an even bigger premium beer, Tank 7, which I consider Kansas City's best beer. It should be the most profitable tap in any bar that carries it. For bars who want to go that extra step towards maximizing their taps, they should put Firestone Walker Double Jack on tap as well. While Double Jack isn't as universal and acceptable to everyone as Tank 7, it is certainly one of the best premium beers for the price and could be very popular to anyone who loves beer.

It looks like Harpo's has figured this out as they have both Tank 7 and Firestone Walker Double Jack on tap in one of the best patios in KC. As summer approaches and the warm weather dictates that you spend some extra time outside drinking, the Harpo's patio might be one of the best outdoor beer destinations in town, joining McCoy's and The Foundry patios. In addition to Double Jack and Tank 7, Harpo's has Schlafly APA, Avery White Rascal, Boulevard Pilsner, Lagunitas IPA, Boulevard Wheat and New Belgium 1554. Harpo's also has Stone Arrogant Bastard on tap at the inside bar.

If you're looking for some Double Jack really cheap, I've heard that All-Star Pizza in Parkville has it at happy hour for around $3. Sure seems like a great deal if you're in Parkville.

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