Beer for the Weekend - Great Divide Colette

Almost everyone reading this in KC will be either going to Parkville or the Flying Saucer 3rd Anniversary or both this weekend. But, if you're not going to either or want to get your drink on tonight, I can think of no better beer for the weekend than Great Divide Colette.

We've emerged from the cloudy and chilly week to a sun drenched and warm afternoon. It practically calls out for a beer that celebrates summer. Colette is light, citrusy with just the right amount of funk to remind you of a nice meal on your patio as the helicopters and cottonwood blooms fall from the trees. Colette is a wonderful beer anytime it's available, but is perfect for this weekend full of beers, the football draft and Royals in town.

Colette should be available in nearly every liquor store in town. It's also available on draft at the Granfalloon if you're willing to give it another shot.

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