Parkville Hopluia

The Parkville Microbrew Festival is Saturday from 1 - 5. This is probably the best annual beer fest in town each year and focuses mostly on beers from the region. I think every brewery in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska is going to be there (and that's more breweries than you think). Parkville will be your only chance to drink some Hop God from Nebraska Brewing Co. without being in Nebraska or St. Louis.

Parkville will also serve as the kickoff event for Nebraska's Spilker Brewing's distribution to KC. Spilker makes one beer, Hopluia, which is a very enjoyable English style IPA. Stella actually got mad at me last summer because I brought some Hopluia back from Nebraska and I left the empty bottle sitting on the kitchen counter for about 3 weeks with every intention of writing a post about it. The post never happened, but my want of more Hopluia hasn't dissipated. You'll be able to buy Hopluia in select KCMO liquor stores starting next week. Hopluia is available only in 16 oz. bottles and kegs so it's possible some bars in town may put Hopluia on tap.

Head out to Parkville this weekend and maybe you'll find the next beer you want to be distributed to KC or discover a new favorite. Stone will be there, so if there's any Stone beers you didn't get to try last week, Parkville is your best shot. I'm sure Boulevard will have something special there as well. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased from the official site of the Parkville Microbrew Fest.

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