Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad (BBQ) will be hitting your favorite local package store today. BBQ goes fast so if BBQ is your bag, you better find you some today. As you find it, make sure you leave a comment where you found it and the price. This is a limited release and will only be available in the 750 mL bottles so the price will be around $12.

Look at Frenchy's $1m smile. The Royals  will pay him $15m for 3 years
BBQ is not my favorite of the Smokestack bunch because of my dislike of barrel aging. Plus, we've had a glass of it at about 6 straight Gents meetings. But, after a long day yesterday of kids bickering, not wanting to pick up, etc. I was scouring the house for some high alcohol bliss after they went to bed. The best thing I could find was some Breckenridge Christmas Ale. While Breckenridge Christmas is a fine beer it did not send me on a journey of looking for (probably future Royal, maybe as early as today) Jeff Francouer beefcake pictures (okay, I did do that, but I didn't send out any inappropriate tweets or harass Chimpotle like last time I drank a whole bottle of BBQ). If I had some BBQ on hand, I totally would have drank that bottle last night. That's why it's important to buy it while you can.

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