Holiday Cheer

This is truly the best time of year for beer. In all the hubbub over Nutcracker's release I missed that one of my other favorite winter seasonals was released, Shiner Holiday Cheer. I actually saw it a couple of weeks ago at a store I don't trust and thought it was left over from last year. But, Royal Liquor had it out the Friday before last. I found some this week at Tipsy's and brought it home.

It was just as good as I remembered. The peach flavor is there, but not overpowering. The pecan adds just the right amount of nutty flavor. I just really love it. It's a nice alternative to the heavy malt flavor your going to find in nearly every other winter seasonal and may be the perfect beer for a warmer winter afternoon. Plus, you can probably find it for $6.99/sixer like most other Shiner beers. You may also be able to find Holiday Cheer on tap around town, I know Barley's in Overland Park has it. Holiday Cheer is my favorite Shiner of the year, give it a try, I'll bet it's yours too.

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