Shiner Holiday Cheer

I was in the mood for something different the other night. I literally looked at the beer cooler at Tipsy's for 15 minutes. I was freaking out the help, they asked me twice if I was looking for something in particular (I was looking for Tank 7, but I knew within a minute it wasn't in yet). On my third time looking through the selection a Shiner caught my eye, Shiner Holiday Cheer.

I like Shiner beers generally, I don't know why I don't get them more. Probably because they're typically German styles which I don't usually think much of. Upon inspection of the sixer, I realized I spent quite a little bit of time last year looking for this beer. My friend Lee wrote about it 1 year ago today (I stole his picture of it too) and it set off a craving. Any beer that is brewed with pecans and peaches certainly gets my cravings going. I like peaches almost as much as I like raspberries and pecans are my second favorite nut (my favorite kind of nut makes a bit of a mess). Put those ingredients with a good brewer like Shiner and you should have a winner.

Shiner Holiday Cheer is definitely a winner. I don't get much of the pecan flavor but the peach flavor is prevalent but not overpowering. The peach flavor is in the background of every drink kind of like it is in a fuzzy navel. I was immediately smitten with Holiday Cheer. By the time I was finishing my first glass I could see a future like the scene from "Boogie Nights" where Amber Waves and Rollergirl are holed up in a bedroom doing coke and want to stay there doing coke and Rollergirl wants Amber Waves to be her mommy. In my case the coke would be the Holiday Cheer and my mommy would be me Captain Jacking.

Fearing chafing I've decided to ration myself, but it's not going to be easy. Shiner Holiday Cheer is that good.

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