Nutcracker Day

With a name like Nutcracker
I didn't think I'd be a backer
Yet, I love thee so
I get pretty low
When you're no longer around

Our time together is so short
I never get bored
With your wonderful taste
that is caramel based
I drink with too much haste.

Ooh, Nutcracker I do love you
And you love me too
You treat me right
We never fight
Even when there's too many of you in a night.

That's right, it's Nutcracker day. Boulevard Nutcracker is hitting shelves today, I got mine from Tipsy's, but you should be able to find it anywhere in town by the end of the week. If you want to exclaim your excitement for getting some, leave where you got it in comments.
There has been some speculation that Nutcracker changed the hops based on a quickly corrected error on Fat City. But, there has been no change. Nutcracker was, is always will (unless they change it) made from Chinook hops and is simply delightful.

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