Big Sky Kansas

I just came home with a sixer of Big Sky IPA that I bought in Kansas. Apparently Big Sky Brewing has added Kansas to its distribution. I'm drinking the IPA right now and am quite impressed. It's a wonderful copper color and has the floral piney smell I'm looking for in an IPA. It's wonderfully balanced with a good hop bite but an appropriate amount of sweetness to round out the sharp bite. Overall, I think this is going to be one of my favorite IPA's.

I didn't buy the Big Sky Moose Drool, which I think is Big Sky's flagship beer, but Tipsy's had it. I've had it before at my fantasy football draft a couple of years ago. One of my friends stocks up on Moose Drool whenever he makes a trip to his native North Dakota. I really liked the Moose Drool that I had. It's a brown ale that's well worth trying. There are better brown ales around but Moose Drool is definitely worth your time and dime.

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