Tipsy's Revisited

Back when Tipsy's in Mission (Johnson Dr. and Broadmoor) opened a couple of months ago I wrote "Greeting people is apparently not that important at Tipsy's. They were 0 for 2 in my 10 minutes in the store. After I picked out my sixers and walked to the register, I was finally greeted by the clerk. For a new store, I would expect some kind of enthusiasm from the clerk to try to get me to come back."

Well either they read this blog (not likely) or I just had a bad experience the first time (very likely). Because every time I've been to Tipsy's since I have been greeted when I walk in the door and have received superior customer service. It is one of my favorite liquor stores to buy a sixer in.

That being said, I think Tipsy's is much more of a wine store than a beer store. They have an average to very good selection of beers in six packs, including a very good make your own six pack selection. They are lacking in selection of bombers though. They carry all of the Boulevard Smokestack series, but store them all in the cooler (which you don't want if you're going to store it for a while or if you have a Cooper Cooler). They carry a couple of Rogue and Avery and some foreign big beers, but overall they only have about 20 bombers. If I'm looking for something new and exciting Tipsy's is not where I go.

I get the distinct impression that the owners of Tipsy's care much more about their wine selection than their beer selection, which is fine. They even have a tasting room in the front of the store where they have wine events and tastings. I'd like to see them expand that to include beer tastings but it's fine if they don't. I would like to see them put up a website. It's a pretty big liquor store with a lot going on, a website is probably needed.

If you're in or near Mission, Tipsy's is well worth a stop, especially if you are going to stock up on some wine.

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