Harry's Giddy Up

As mentioned in the Single Wide review, Stella, Wes and I were meeting up at Harry's Country Club for a happy hour. On my way out the door from work I invited a couple of other people to come on over. Who doesn't want a drink on a Friday night? I actually walked over to Harry's because Stella drove me to work so we wouldn't have 2 cars downtown. Look who was thinking ahead, this guy! I pulled the walk from around the Power & Light to Harry's in about 8 minutes lugging my computer bag full of laptop, book and about 200 pages. This was not the most difficult walk of the night.

I beat Wes and Stella to the bar and had my Single Wide IPA. When Wes got there he asked if Abbey Ale was going to join us. I hadn't thought to include her so I texted her. Guess which single girl in KC is available for a Friday night happy hour at 4:30? Abbey Ale! One of my work friends, Boomer joined us. The time from text to Abbey Ale and her presence at Harry's was approximately 6 minutes. Wes also had invited Weston and he showed up at about the same time as Stella. We grabbed the last table in the joint, a classic 5 top circle table, so if you're counting at home, we were kind of squeezed in.

Wes and I had ordered a couple of Giddy Up's after our Single Wides and that was our drink of choice for the next 2 or 3 drinks. Weston inquired about the price of the Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad, but deemed $25 a little too pricey, he went with something else, I have no idea what. Boomer had a Heineken of all things. Stella got her beloved pitcher of Sangria. Everyone ordered some food as well, Stella and I had the $3.99 steakburgers and fries from the happy hour menu along with some $3.99 onion rings. I'll go on the record as saying Harry's has the best happy hour meal available in town (that's prolly not really true, but I'll say it anyway, the fries put it over the top). I'm not going to run down everyone else's food order but we all got something different and it was all $3.99. We were starting to encounter a small space problem with everyone having at least one drink and one plate. Plus Stella and I had the onion ring plate, we had extra glasses for the sangria and I'm not sure but I think that Weston had 3 meals. Then Muddy Mo dropped in putting our total at 7 at what was becoming a ridiculously small table.

At this point everything was going pretty good, we were laughing, sharing food, drinks and jokes (who knew Weston had an encyclopedic knowledge of jokes). Then things took a turn for the worse and it's all Weston's fault because he suggested we drink some Irish Car Bombs. I have a long standing rule that I don't do shots and I don't think Stella has ever done a shot. But Weston ordered everyone a car bomb. I bowed to the peer pressure and drank mine, but Stella refused. This led to a rousing round robin tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors that I honestly don't know if winning was good or bad. Long story short, Weston had to drink the extra Irish Carbomb (and little known fact..Stella is amazingly good at Rock, Paper, Scissors, also her and Boomer tied 7 seven straight times, the only ties of the night).

From this point on, things devolved rather quickly. Abbey Ale, Wes and I all switched to PBR from the cans. I chose a Meantime coffee porter for Muddy Mo to drink. Stella got some sort of martini. Abbey Ale told us she watched a day full of a Mork and Mindy marathon because she couldn't find her remote and didn't want to look for it. She also told us all about her 30th birthday party that Stella and I missed, the party involved cocktail wienies in her President Hotel room, going somewhere with an inflatable jumping thing that they raced on, and then dancing. Weston and I discussed dirty things on the Internet such as One Guy One Jar and Lemon Party (I'm not linking to them). And we got a little rowdy. Everytime I looked over at Wes and Abbey they were leaning in towards each other and giggling like schoolgirls. Abbey and I had a heated discussion about whether a bar in Wichita was in Delano or not. I won that argument by saying you had to get wet to get to Delano from there.

At a certain point around 8, it became obvious that we were going to have to go somewhere else or spend the rest of the night at Harry's. Then Weston came up with his second bad idea of the night, let's go to the Caddy Shack, we can walk there (guess what, I'm breaking that out into its own post). We all got our tickets (mine and Stella's was $54, not a bad deal for dinner, appetizer, sangria pitcher and 5 or 6 beers) and tabbed out. You do have to be a little careful about your tabs when you're in a group at Harry's. I know of 2 instances where someone in the group was charged the entire amount of the table's tab while everyone else still was charged for their share. It's a bit of a hassle, but Harry's is worth it.

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