Harry's Happy Hour Harvest

I missed lunch today, I got a little busy and forgot to go. Because of my missed lunch I was quite hungry around 2 so I went around the building looking for drunks who wanted to go get an early drink (and leave work early). I didn't find anyone which was good in a way because I didn't really want to eat at The Flying Saucer which is the default place to go for drinks in our office.

I love Harry's Country Club and knew that if I held out til 3, I could get a burger and a couple of good beers for under $15. I hadn't gone to Harry's in quite a while and once I thought of it, nothing else would suffice. So I drove on over and gave Wes a call to leave a message for him to meet me on his way home.

I walked into the Country Club at a tick past 3. I noticed on the happy hour card a beer that I had never heard of, a New Belgium Giddy Up (on tap), so I ordered that and $3.95 steak burger. I was so hungry I had a bit of a headache. I could barely wait to get my burger. I hadn't given much thought to my beer's name so I was surprised that it was a coffee beer. I usually don't like coffee beers much, but this one was different, it wasn't a stout or a porter which 90% of coffee beers are, it was an ale. I also tasted a bit of toffee and some cream. Giddy Up was quite light for a beer infused with espresso (I looked it up) and could be best described as a coffee ale. The bartender, Wes and I all agreed that it was a fine beer (probably better than fine if you really love coffee beers) but we wouldn't want to drink more than one or two at a time.

My burger arrived when I was about halfway through my Giddy Up. I would have preferred my Giddy Up to be all gone when the burger arrived since it wasn't an appropriate food pairing, but it was tough to drink the Giddy Up fast. It didn't matter much because the steak burger and fries that Harry's serves up are beyond reproach. My burger was perfectly cooked just the way I asked for it. The shoestring fries were wonderful as well, perhaps my favorite fries in the city.

As I finished my Giddy Up, Wes walked in the door. He ordered a Bob's 47 (on tap right now) and I ordered a glass of wine from the happy hour menu (I was still eating my burger and the wine was the best pairing). I've never had wine at happy hour before and I'm not sure many places in town have a wine specials during happy hour but Harry's does.

Wes and I discussed some blog business namely Wes trying to get me to talk about anal sex in front of the bartender and Wes asking the bartender if he had any Dickens Cider (the answer was no, they only have Strongbow cider). Wes started talking about work and said that he enjoys making fun of certain people, then he clarified and said that he enjoyed making pun of people (with funny names). I could appreciate that since I have an easily punned name. We also tried to decide if I should stick to my original plan of a happy hour amongst friends and coworkers at John's Big Deck next Friday or should I switch it to the deck at Harry's (over 25 people are coming so I need a big space). We decided to keep it at the Deck.

After we finished that round of drinks Wes got the Giddy Up and I got a $2.95 Fat Tire. I got out of Harry's with 2 beers, a glass of wine and a burger I could barely finish for $20 with tip. Rachael Ray would be proud.

Get yourself over to Harry's and try the Giddy Up, it really is good.

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