CrossRoadsKC: A beerfest, a concert, and summer all in one!! Also a chance for free tickets!!!

The CrossroadKC Beerfest
The summer solstice finally arrived a week ago, marking the official beginning of summer and the theoretical end of the rain (key word being theoretical). What better way to celebrate, than with a beerfest, a concert, and the crossroads all in one?

CrossroadsKC is hosting a beerfest this weekend on Saturday June 29th.  Beer tasting starts at 4 pm, music starts at 5 pm. There will be over 30 breweries represented at this glorious venue, and more than 80 beers for all your drinking needs. 

The address is below, or you can just follow their facebook page and get all of the pertinent information. 
417 East 18th Street
Kansas City, MO 61408

PetRock will be providing the beats. PetRock is a 70's cover band and you can find a sampling of their music list in this link. If you want more information on PetRock they are available on the usual social media platforms or their webpage. I personally have never heard them perform, but be assured, I will be busting out the long hair, aviators, and bell bottoms for this show.  

This will also be the first appearance of our new social media director Moe Saic at an official KCBeerblog event.  So come say hello, and welcome him to the KCBeerBlog community. He will be "live tweeting" from the event, for those of you wanting to live vicariously through him.  

As per the usual I have posted Great-Grandfather Saccharo Myces' rules for surviving Oktoberfest and beerfests.  The sunblock won't be as important with the later start, but checking the weather, and the don't pregame will be vitally important.  A late start combined with copious breweries within a few block will make the idea tempting but trust me, Grandpa Saccharo was a man ahead of his time.

Finally, We will be giving away 2 Free tickets for this event.  All you have to do is simply like and comment with your favorite Crossroad brewery on our facebook page mentioning this event, or share the link.  The deadline is Wednesday at 5 p.m.  You of course must be 21.

Brett A. Myces

Get a ride: Uber, Lyft, cab, your pregnant wife, bicycle, anything but driving yourself.

Pre-hydrate and rehydrate: Drink a sports drink or bottle of water on the way to the event, then set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes, as a reminder to drink another glass of water. As Jake "The Snake" Roberts said, “I don't really buy beer, I just rent it.” (Go to 1:30 on the video)

Food: Make or purchase a pretzel necklace, eat a hearty breakfast, and bring some straight cash homiefor food truck possibilities. Plus the pretzel necklaces invite all kinds of great innuendos.

Don’t be a clepto: I know it’s always fun stealing stuff at beerfests, but you don’t want to have to explain to the Mrs. that you got arrested for stealing a pint glass, bottle opener, six pack of beer, growler, etc. If you want something just ask nicely; you never know when they will say yes.

Sunblock: Similar to the hydration. Apply generously before, and set a phone alarm as a reminder.

Sunglasses: You’re going to be outdoors in the sun for 5 hours. Enough said. Plus you can remain more inconspicuous if you happen to become overserved.

Check the forecast: You can’t imagine how many unprepared souls I saw for Mudfest 2016. Don’t be a dumb@$$; look at the weather and dress appropriately.

Don’t Pregame: Wait for the grand opening, and if you want to drink early splurge for the VIP tickets. There has NEVER, and The Myces means never (in my Rocky Maivia voice), been one time I’ve said, “I wish I had more beer to drink at beerfest.”

Line Cutting: Line cutting is only acceptable after 2 hours of beerfest. By that time, everyone should have their gameface on and an extra few seconds in-between beers is not necessarily a bad thing. If you spot a line cutter just call them out politely and let them be, it's not worth getting into a fight. Line cutting for the bathroom is NEVER ACCEPTABLE. If you have to go that bad you should have planned in advance.

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