The Great Yuengling B, Double-E, Double-R, U, N: BEERRUN

This is a guest post by older brother K. Myces, detailing his Yuengling trading group.

Brett A. Myces

K Myces, Brett’s Brother here. You by now know the Myces love of Yuengling, but know it is hard to get in MO and KS. In the spring of 2018 they finally moved west of the Mississippi into Arkansas. The “Bring Yuengling to Missouri” facebook page has 200 followers - go like it now (and come back to read the rest)! Full disclosure, this facebook page is not affiliated with KCBeerBlog.

I have a trading group for Yuengling where money rarely changes hands. Trading groups rules are you give a case or two of Yuengling, and friends will return the favor when they have access. This idea was originated by the previously mentioned Great-Grandfather Saccharo Myces. When he immigrated to the United States from Bavaria, his only possessions were his beer stein, and two firkins of beer. His diary discusses how he was trading beer for everyday necessities, even trading with some guy named Busch.
The trunk full of Yuengling

I was recently meeting Army buddies at a conference in STL. One friend was coming from Indiana, and I requested 8 cases of Yuengling. At first he thought I was kidding, but then remembered he is talking to a Myces. As he was checking out at the liquor store, the cashier smirked, shook his head, then said, “Is the next stop Illinois, Missouri, or Iowa? I see this once a month.”

Upon arrival to our hotel we loaded up the Yuengling in the trunk, and put Garth Brooks’ Beer Run on repeat. The doorman gave us an awkward eye, so we politely offered him a beer, and were on our way. Each Myces brother got one, my two best friends got a case, and I repaid my trading-group-buddy after he brought me two cases in the fall. I didn’t open one for myself however. Another Army buddy in Wyoming currently, was originally from Pennsylvania. When we were stationed in Georgia together, he first allowed my lips to touch his sweet Yuengling nectar of the Gods. So, I am saving 3 cases for him during the Myces family summer road trip!

The Yuengling brought home to the promised land
So, if you are going to Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee (or further east), make sure and post on Facebook inquiring if any friends want some Yuengling. You will find some FB friends who you didn’t know liked Yuengling and can expand your beer-trading-team.

Now, go like “Bring Yuengling to Missouri” if you didn’t do it earlier, or better yet, write them a letter saying, you need “MO” Yuengling.

K. E. Myces

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