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As we covered in WTF is Headless Mumby I have procured another update of the Mumby Men. Tasting Nitch, on her youtube channel , Morning Beer, gave nothing but praises of their brewery. I will not transcribe the broadcast and will let everyone watch it for themselves. The two best highlights are at 2:06, discussing a Nitro Marzen, better known as the holy grail, and at 1:22, you will notice a sign saying WTF is a Headless Mumby?
Look at these bad@$$ stickers from the Mumby Boys

I am in the process of sending a cease and desist letter for blatant copyright infringement of my blog title. That is unless I get 5 free crowlers of beer. If anyone has a lawyer willing to assist in this endeavor, I’ll gift them a crowler. Don’t forget the first person to say KCBeerBlog sent you still gets a free beer from Mumby.

Brett A. Myces

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