Toppling Goliath, Just Bring It!

Pseudo Sue, Fire Skulls and Money, and Pompeii, from Toppling Goliath

The glorious endcap mentioned below
Toppling Goliath is in Kansas City, and as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say, "Oh hell yeah!" As bad as this winter weather has been this is the perfect excuse to skip work.  All you have to say is "Something tasted funny at lunch, and I have GI distress."  Then promptly make a bee-line to your nearest liquor store.

I was taking my usual gander through the Lukas wine and Spirits, and saw one of the most majestic endcaps ever. I have never had Toppling Goliath, but it definitely has a cult following, won an abundance of awards, and has off the chart ratings across the board. Not to mention, if they are going to take on the multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap-beer, billion-dollar industry, what better name to have than Toppling Goliath. In 2016, they paired with Brew Hub in Florida. Brew Hub is a company designed to contract brew beers for smaller breweries, that don’t have the capital or the desire to expand their brewhouse. This was a good stopgap measure, but as the awards continued to accumulate a major expansion was needed.

Toppling Goliath has a new 100 barrel system to help keep up with demand, and presumably to increase distribution. I can’t wait to take some of these beers home and see if they live up to all of the hype. They named a beer after the T-Rex named Sue, so it must be good. Maybe their beer will truly be awesome and can help replace the hole in my heart from Saison-Brett’s temporary departure.

Brett A. Myces
The actual Sue at Chicago Natural History Museum

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