Short Pours: Beer taps, hotel, beer fridge all in one? Is your bug-out bag ready?

I have never actually been to Ohio so I don't really know much about it, except that Great Lakes Brewing is pretty darn good, and it is the butt of a lot of jokes in pop culture. Now, I finally have a reason for a Myces brothers vacation to Ohio. Brewdog has built the “Hoppiest place on earth.” It is a hotel with beer taps, and a shower beer fridge in EVERY room. Although if I actually stayed here I am pretty sure I would never actually leave my room, thus defeating the purpose of one of the Myces family Mottos, “What is the point of being drunk if you can’t be in public.” I’m just disappointed that this was not my idea.

 Maybe Kansas City will build of these majestic and mythical hotels in Kansas City, but I highly doubt it. The city is too busy subsidizing the P&L district, and luxury apartments that rent on average $2,200 a month. Plus the airport is already half a billion dollars over budget before construction has even started, I am not optimistic of our chances. So I guess an Ohio road trip it is.

On a side note, in the event that Tallgrass finds funding and Zombie Monkey makes a comeback, and you need to skip town in a hurry for a natural disaster. Here are some tips from consumer reports on what to put in your bug-out bag. They even remind you to raid your liquor cabinet or beer hoard on the way out.

Brett A. Myces

doghouse features
Some of the features of the hotel courtesy of the Brewdog website

A picture of the greatest hotel room in history courtesy of Brewdog

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