The Northland's newest distillery

The Northland just got itself another distillery! So for those of you counting at home that is 4 distilleries north of the river: S.D. Strong, Holladay/McCormick, Restless Spirits, and the newest of the bunch, Little Platte Distilling in Smithville. Little Platte is a cozy new distillery located just south of the Smithville square. They have a bar serving cocktails using their signature moonshine and a keg of Levi-Garrison and Son’s beer on draught. They are mainly focusing on selling their spirits by the bottle, and will have limited bar hours from 12-6 Thursday to Saturday, for those of you looking for a happy hour. All of their cocktails are $6 and come served in a mason jar.

The owners got their start in the moonshine business by doing a course at the M.B. Roland distillery in Kentucky. They have a 100 gallon, 4 plate, reflux, column-combo still. This basically means the still can function as the brew kettle on one day, then a still the next. For the time being there are not any plans to produce any other spirits, they want to focus solely on their 100% corn whiskey A.K.A. Moonshine, white lighting, rotgut, hillbilly pop, mule kick or panther’s breath. This delicious shine is only available at their distillery, so venture up to Smithville, check out some lake activities, and tell them the KCBeerblog sent you. Plus, they have a Casey’s so stop in and get the undisputed best pizza in the state. You can find out more about their distillery on facebook or at

Here is a great read from the Whiskey wash blog, on the different types of stills.

Brett A. Myces

The sign greeting you

View from the front of Little Platte

Their Moonshine shelf
Their cocktail menu

The Backwoods Tea

The still where the magic happes

Their menu board

Anyone want some swag?

The side-view of their still

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