The breweries are coming, the breweries are coming!!!!!!!

The KC Star just published a list of local openings and closings. It looks like even more breweries are coming, so get your drinking pants on friends! I am already drooling like Pavlov's dog just writing this blog.


City Barrel brewery, on Holmes road will be pouring beer at the end of 2018

Mean Mule Distilling Co. Hoping to have a September grand opening at 1733 Locust Street, and will be making agave based spirits.

Shake Shack, Opening soon on the Plaza, I just had to throw this one in there, because their burgers are AWESOME

Transparent Brewing Co., Representing Grandview for a June 2019 opening.

3 Trails Brewing, is opening in Independence. These cats were at Nano beerfest in 2017 and had great beer. I cannot speak for 2018, as that weekend was a Myces family vacation.


Black Stag brewing in Lawrence is aiming to open in late September

Fields & Ivy Brewery, yet another Lawrence brewery hopes to have some beer flowing by March

Kaw Point Meadery, The first KCK location on the list and will be ready by the fall

Limitless Brewing, For all my Lenexa drinkers, now you have something to do once you are bored with your family on Thanksgiving

Rockcreek Brewing Co., Mission, Kansas is officially on the board

Sandhills Brewing, A Mission, KS sister location to one in Hutchinson, Kansas is hoping to be ready by the end of the year.

That makes eight breweries, one meadery, one distillery, and Shake Shack all opening soon, but sadly no new Casey’s pizza. Life is good in Kansas City, but not quite perfect. If anyone wants a Casey’s Pizza detailed review, let me know!

Hopefully the market can handle all of these, and please forgive some of the redundancy from a previous blog post. It is always refreshing to see, there were not any breweries on the closed section from the article. Maybe the Myces crew will get an invite to some soft openings for a blog post or two.

Brett A. Myces

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