Beer for the weekend

Frio Light and a Tallgrass variety Pack

I decided to have a #ThrowbackThursday, and throw a quick beer for the weekend blog post out there. The first beer choice is obvious. I scooped up a Tallgrass variety pack, to cope with the grieving process and provide some finality and closure.

The next beer, Frio Light, might be a bit unexpected for a craft beer blog so please do not burn me at the stake. I bought this beer because it is cheap and I wanted to get drunk with friends camping on the Missouri River Bottom (not exactly craft beer ideal). Plus, it will be consumed after the Tallgrass when my taste buds are impaired so I will not care about the flavor or lack thereof. I found Frio in the multinational-conglomerate, watered-down, cheap-beer section of the liquor store. Maybe I should trademark that slogan! Plus with expected temperatures in the 90’s, a “light” beer will be needed as an adjunct. I am the last person in the world without a smartphone so reconnaissance on this beer was impossible until I got home. Based on its packaging and appearance, it did not appear to be brewed by one of those conglomerates so I took a chance. Worst case scenario I am out less than $20. Well, little did I know what kind of a rabbit hole this internet investigation would take me down.

The actual cellphone of Brett A. Myces

Frio’s website gives a Houston address while Sam’s Club says it is a 92 calorie premium pilsner born and brewed in Texas. After entering the address in google, it takes me to Mexcore International wine and spirits, a beer distributor. Then Beer advocate reports, it is brewed by City Brewing company, which has breweries in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, Latrobe, Pennsylvania (the old Rolling Rock brewery), and Memphis, Tennessee (an old Schlitz brewery). According to wikipedia, it looks like City Brewing mainly is a contract brewery for companies that need extra brewing space.

After reading all of this I am as confused as a goat on astroturf, and I am still not sure if Frio is a disguise by one of the multinational conglomerates (similar to Two Hats) or an actual craft beer. As Gone with the Wind says, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” I am ready to put this mystery behind me, and start my weekend.

What is your go to macro-beer when day drinking with college friends?


Brett A. Myces

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