Tap That Topeka Report

Tap That Topeka Report

The pull westward has grown significantly for me when it comes to craft beer. Living in Lawrence, I am spoiled to be around great local brewers and am never far away from enjoying something tasty. When looking for a different experience I would typically turn to Kansas City and explore the many delights it has to offer while forgetting that just west of me is our states capital.

Blind Tiger was my first entry into the Topeka craft beer scene and Norsemen, Happy Basset, and soon to be Iron Rail have me excited to venture to the capital in the future.

The Tap That Topeka Beer Festival was my latest expedition west and it was absolutely worth the trip. Full disclosure before we continue, I was given 1 ticket for the event and I purchased a second ticket for my wife.

Beer Selection:
The main draw for me was the beer selection. It was top notch and the highlight of the festival. I was able to try beer from craft breweries that I have been reading about and drooling over for a long time.

5 Favorite beers from the festival.

1. Crane Gooseberry Gose
2. Stone Tangerine Express IPA
3. Crane Small Ball Saison
4. Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing
5. Tallgrass Blueberry Lemon-Ale

The weather was great considering it is July in Kansas. There was plenty of shade and the volunteers were tremendous. I never was behind more than 3 people in any line and typically walked right up to get a pour. I would have liked to have seen more water stations available for people to refill their water bottles. The restrooms were terrific and we never saw a line of people waiting. Food trucks were available and I cannot recommend the Pulled Pork Nachos from KB's Smokehouse LLC enough.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to sample delicious beverages in a great atmosphere. For more great events in #TopCity check out Visit Topeka.

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