Sunday Funday

When you wake up on a Sunday in February and it is over 60 degrees outside, there is only one thing to do; hit the road and get out of town. 

I decided to head to Lawrence and check out the new Lawrence Beer Co. and I was not disappointed. The brewery is located on a historic (sadly, not yellow) brick road and inside an industrial brick building just outside of downtown Lawrence’s famous Mass Street. Beers on tap included Big Peach, a juicy peach saison that was perfect for the spring-like day. We also sampled “Lectric, an IPA and Eastern Bloc Party, a delicious take on a Baltic Porter. Lunch at LBCo was also a slam-dunk, burgers and chicken sandwiches in generous portion sizes really hit the spot. 

The thirst for adventure not quite sated, we headed for Wakarusa Brewery in tiny Eudora Kansas next. This tiny town is picturesque on any given day but on this day it was lined with rippling flags for the holiday and would have made even Norman Rockwell proud. We sampled several beers here including some very interesting mead varieties, like Raspberry and Vanilla Cinnamon, and settled in with the tasty Oatmeal Stout as we observed small town life. The patrons included the bartender’s mom and another die hard local guy who is apparently as much of a regular as Norm was at Cheers. Ah, there is nothing like small town life. 

Both of these breweries are about 45 minutes from my front door in Northtowne, so your next adventure might be closer than you think!

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